Darling (2015)

I have been marathoning through Lauren Ashley Carter’s filmography as of late. First I watched Jugface, then Pod, and now I just finished Darling and I have to say it was my favorite of the three. Lauren Ashley Carter described it herself as a slow burning Polanski-esque black and white film, which I feel perfectly sums it up. The character of Darling is such interesting as we watch her grow steadily more insane as the seconds pass. My favorite scenes involved the inverted cross necklace that she finds, seeing her eyes gleam in her dead stare at her new found treasure. Also when she stabs the Man after bringing him home I felt was really well done, the entire shift in tone which his accompanied by a shift in the music. People complain that the random and subliminal almost jump scare type cuts take away from the main plot but I thoroughly enjoyed them. Sure there is a lot to be desired from the plot, but visually i think this movie really raised the bar for director Michael Keating. All in all I truly loved this film and would give it many more views and recommendations in the future. Stream it on Netflix now!


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