Jug Face (2013)

Jug Face (2013) directed by Chad Crawford Kindle

Starring: Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers, and Larry Fessenden

I first heard about Lauren Ashley Carter while listening to the podcast The Adventures of Danny and Mike. She was the guest and she talked about horror movies and life traveling  around Europe and she seemed very interesting. So I thought hey why not try watching one of her movies?I saw Jug Face once on Netflix or some random streaming site years ago and always thought the movie poster was terrifying. I also thought it looked like a shitty B-movie. It wasn’t until recent years that I got into enjoying B-Movies for pleasure so I never gave this movie a chance but boy was it a wild ride. Jug Face is about a backwoods community that worships a pit in the ground that is full of mud. The people in this community believe that this pit provides a healing power but requires the sacrifice of a member of their community. The movie deals with themes of incest, pregnancy, and family honor. My favorite scenes were the sacrifice of Bodey and lashing scene with Dawai and Ada. The violent imagery was well done, with great acting from all involved. The mother character was a savage monster lady that I feared. It was nice seeing scenes where Ada goes to town because it was a blatant contrast to the intense environment the forest setting provided. All in all this movie was 1 hour and 20 minutes of creepy confusion that I would’n’t suggest watching on a first date. Maybe wait until the fifth date to take your spouse to this one. But Lauren Ashley Carter was phenomenal I definitely need to check out Pod and Darling next. They’re both on Amazon Prime as well as Jug Face!!!



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